Kapil Dev greatest Indian cricketer comes with “Ek Nayi League”

ek nayi league kapil dev

Hello friends, it’s time for his upcoming “Ek Nayi League”. Yes the most famous person of india from Indian Cricket team, when in the history of india first time India won World Cup in 1983. He was also all rounder player from Indian Cricket team. The captain of the Indian cricket team when India won the World Cup. Yes we are talking about our all time favourite person Mr Kapil Dev.

Kapil Dev recently joined twitter. We welcome you sir on twitter we are following you in our life and now we will follow your thoughts and ideas on twitter. He joined twitter the most famous social networking site where you can find almost all famour personalities, on 25th April and post his first Twitter. You can follow Mr Kapil Dev on his twitter handle @therealkapildev

but, we are not here for Mr Dev’s twitter profile discussion. We are here to find the answer for the most trending question what is “Ek Nayi League” and which is asked by Mr Kapil Dev. Yes the top trending topic nowadays on social sites like twitter, Facebook these days. And the reason is Mr Dev, who post on his twitter that he comes with this ek nayi league. This time i am confuse and trying to understand what is this new trending topic Ek Nayi League.

I search all the internet and still can not find what is this ek nayi league and about what Mr dev is talking watch almost all promos and video’s realated to ek nayi league following his twitter handle and still can not understand what is this ek nayi league. Still I can not find out what is this ek nayi league is it any kind of Series like IPL or is it any kind of TV series. I think this is a new TV show will be hosted by Mr Kapil Dev.

ek nayi league kapil dev

As you can see the videos here i can guess that Mr Kapil Dev will host the show and invite famous personality from india. The personalities from any field like sports person, Bollywood actor  or actress, or even he can call famous politician. this is just guess of mine. But this can be anything else that we can not think but only Mr Kapil Dev can.


So guys i can’t think more now it’s time for you to think and you can have a chance to win amount of Rs. 1 Lakh for youe answer . Yes i am serious, for this you just need to click here #EKNAYILEAGUE and just fill the form on the page you will see. Also you need to fill the form with your answer for this question that “What is this #EkNayiLeague?”.

So guys it’s your time to find answer of this question or if we can’t find then no worries Mr. Dev will give us answer in next few days. But “kuch bhi ho hum to excited hai bhai”. We will like to see what is this Ek Nayi League and will follow you Mr Dev and your idea in our life.

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