How to integrate a wordpress blog into existing website

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Today we discuss on “How to integrate a wordpress blog into existing website“, i.e. how to integrate a wordpress blog into existing website.Now almost every business or company or organization have their own website. On this website they provide information about their own company and some task related to their business. They can also start their blog with their own website, where they can write article which help their visitors or they can get traffic through it .This is easy and beneficial for business or organisation.

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Suppose their is a situation where you already have your website and you want to start a new blog within the same website.So here we are providing you a solution for adding blog to your website by just using as ‘/blogname’ after your website name e.g.

Also you can set a direct link from your website to this blog.On clicking on that link from your website anyone can redirect to your blog.

Here are a step by step procedure to setup a blog with your website.


Step 1 : Install WordPress on CPanel.

refer this link to Install WordPress in CPanel 

Its easy to setup blog using this steps.

Step 2 : Now for setting all necessary things for your blog needs some permission and some setting on WordPress CMS.

These steps are as follows:

Step 1) :Set permission to add Directory and content on your wordpress blog directory.

goto your cpanel and set permission for each and every directory so that you can add themes,plugins later without any interruptfile2

Step 2): Now set some options like directory link “”.this for SEO purpose so use post name and save setting.this will add .htaccess file in your main directory.file1

If it’s not working then set permission for your main directory or you can manually add file in your directory.

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