3 Best Razors For Men That Provide a Nice, Smooth Shave

In this article, we will review 5 best beard trimmers which provide a nice and smooth shave. To be practical, you will find plenty razors in the market so it is difficult to choose one as you will find hundreds of shavers within your price range, whatever it is. Here, we have made our list based on the feedback of users, blade type, maintenance process, razor head, grip, length, special features, functional ability, and price. Let us come straight to the point.

3 best men’s razors:

  1. Harry’s Truman Razor –

Harry’s Truman Razor is a 5 blade razor. The sharp razor blades grantee a close shave. It features a specially designed cartridge featuring a “Gothic Arch” blade which positions the blade from 30 degrees to 45 degrees to offer a good shave. The attached trimmer can take care of your side burns, mustache, chin beard and other difficult areas. It comes in 3 color options: orange, blue, and olive. The best part is, there is a flexible rubber hinge and a nourishing strip. The nourishing gel has vitamin and Aloe Vera as key ingredients.

  1. Merkur Futur –

Merker Futur won Grooming Awards for the Brest Razor in 2016. It is best for straight razor-esque shaves. It is a modern version of the classic double edged razor which comes with full manually adjustable settings. The look balance, gorgeous design, and style make it more classy than anything. It comes with sharp blades. There are different settings for leveraging different cutting angles and cover the whole face. The mechanical design simplifies shaving not only for the righties but also for the lefties as well. The device can be cleaned up under tap water after every use. The matte finish chrome plated body guarantees a long life.

  1. Philips Norelco OneBlade –

Basically, Philips Norelco OneBlade is all in 1 shaving device. It works not only as a shaver and trimmer but also as a styler. The model comes in a sleek unibody design which is highlighted by a unique shaving head. The shaving head is sharp enough to give you a close shape. You will be able to easily shave your tough parts with this model without investing much time. There are guarded teeth enclosures which acts like a comb and gathers all thick hair so that it can be trimmed or shaved with a single counter. Philips claims that for an average of 2 shaves per week, each blade will last around 4 months. Each blade will cost around 15$. Overall, this Philips model is a cost effective choice.

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